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Sustainable and Climate Resilient Health Care Facilities Guide

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Title: Sustainable and Climate Resilient Health Care Facilities Guide
Subject: Climate Change and Health Care Sector Resilience
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The Guide reviews the hazards posed by climate change to the spectrum of health care facilities, from major hospitals to smaller clinics and outpatient facilities. It then reviews the current state of guidance for resilience measures for facilities and provides case studies of responses of health care facilities to weather-related disasters. It closes with proposed measures to enhance the sustainability and climate resilience of health care facilities.

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IC Division, Office, or Program: ASPR Critical Infrastructure Protection Program/OASH
NIH Contact: John Balbus, MD MPH
Review Description: Letter review.
Date of Review: July 2014
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Number of Reviewers: 4-6
Reviewer Nominations Requested? No
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Reviewer Expertise: Hospital or health care system executives, sustainability officers, healthcare facility managers, architects, community/environmental justice representatives
How Selected: Selected by NIEHS staff, OASH Critical Infrastructure Protection Program staff, and Healthier Hospital Initiative/Healthcare Without Harm staff.
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