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Draft RoC Monograph for ortho-Toluidine

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Title: Draft RoC Monograph for ortho-Toluidine
Subject: The Draft RoC Monograph for ortho-Toluidine consists of two parts: (1) a cancer evaluation component that reviews the relevant carcinogenicity information, assesses its quality, applies the RoC listing criteria, and recommends a RoC listing status for ort
Purpose (e.g., abstract): The Draft RoC Monograph for ortho-Toluidine is being distributed to receive public and peer-review comments by a scientific panel at a public meeting
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IC Division, Office, or Program: ORoC
NIH Contact: Mary Wolfe
Review Description: Peer review of the draft monograph for ortho-Toluidine.
Date of Review: December 12-13, 2013
Reviewer Names and Expertise
Number of Reviewers: 7-9
Reviewer Nominations Requested? No
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Reviewer Expertise: pathology, toxicology, carcinogenesis, genetic toxicology, epidemiology
How Selected: National Toxicology Program
Opportunity for Public Comment? Yes